Karim BELABAS on Wed, 7 Jun 2000 19:12:40 +0200 (MET DST)

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pari-2.0.20.beta update

Dear pari-lovers,

  there's a new update at


(of course, you can also get it from the CVS repository). I had intended this
one to be a "release" version, but a number of annoying bugs have been fixed
recently in a way that needed some amount of code rewriting. So I'd rather
exercise a little caution. Maybe next time :-)

Have fun,


P.S: The Changelog:

Done for version 2.0.20.beta (released 07/06/2000):
    1- gp -p1e -->SEGV
    2- nfinit([x,1]) --> SEGV
    3- ensure stack large enough [allocatemem(1) painted user in a corner]
    4- make sure mpinl.o is linked (binaries may fail to build otherwise)
    5- make sure sqrt(Mod(a,b)) terminates
    6- memory leak with PARI pointers (issquare(4,&x))
    7- 'make clean' didn't affect doc
    8- Configure didn't detect some SuperSparc + Linux combination
    9- forprime (and friends) could crash when loop index was tampered with
   10- trap(, -1, (1/0)) == -1 ---> -1 (analyseur not reset)
XR 11- bnrstark initializations (incorrect when field not totally real)
   12- member functions not very robust [e.g. ellinit(e,1).roots --> SEGV]
   13- compiler warnings (gcc -O -Wall)
   14- trap() not robust enough in library mode (nested handlers)
   15- (x^2+3)/(2*x)*x --> invalid RFRAC
   16- factorpadic result used too high a precision (+improved handling of
       nonmonic polynomials)
   17- sqrt(Mod(0,1)) --> oo loop (+ improved a bit mpsqrtmod)
   18- no GC in norml2
IZ 19- tex2mail had difficulties with rational functions
   20- (rare) SIGBUS in quadclassunit(non-fundamental discriminant)
   21- g()=f()==0 --> syntax error
   22- } as last char of an input file (missing a final \n) caused problems
   23- ??keyword@ didn't work properly (pattern modified between chapters)
BA 24- bug in galconj.c:corediscpartial (could return half integer)
   25- factorff and ffinit "not random enough"
TH 26- Configure doesn't handle cygwin new directory structure
CW 27- polsturm(x,0,1) = 1 (should be 0)
   28- [library:] gentimer(3) didn't work
PW 29- various bugs in qfminim(,,2) [bound was rounded up + stack corruption]
   30- ellap(e,2) gave wrong result when 2 | e.disc
   31- factorint: isprime() used on factors even within smallfact()
GN 32- SEGV in mpqs main sieving routine (unsigned comparison)
   33- prevent polredabs from keeping small vectors accumulating in a subfield
    1- renamed .DOC files to .txt (Explorer was getting confused...)
    2- moved MANIFEST to config/MANIFEST
IZ  3- meaning of flags > 1 in plothraw
IZ  4- output of \x (a bit more verbose)
    5- unified basic t_QFR routines (use exponential distance internally)

BA  1- Pocklington-Lehmer primality prover
BA  2- Fp_isom (library)
BA  3- Mod(a,b)^(c/d) for a,b,c,d integers
    4- flag to vecsort (decreasing order)
BA  5- function sqrtn
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