Karim BELABAS on Wed, 7 Jun 2000 16:12:26 +0200 (MET DST)

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[fwd:] Prolog-PARI interface

I received the following email. I'm forwarding it to the list in case it
might interest somebody. Marton is not subscribed to this list, so make sure
any posted answer is Cc'ed to his personal address.


[Kosa Marton: kosa@iqsoft.hu]
> although I work in software development, in my leisure time I investigate
> some functions which stem from the several-steps' generalisation of the
> Fibonacci sequence. The functions can be naturally defined using logic
> programming (actually SICStus Prolog), but the computation of their
> properties related to number theory needs numeric algorithms.
> Former I tried to implement these algorithms (on the base of H. Cohen's
> book, "A course in computational algebraic number theory") in Prolog,
> however that language is not very suitable for this. On
> the other hand, the algorithms needed by me (characteristic polynomial 
> of a matrix, polynomial factorisation, etc.) have been excellently
> implemented in PARI. Thus the idea arose to connect Prolog with PARI
> through C. I did some steps in this direction, and I succeeded to
> radically reduce the Prolog code by adding a relatively small amount of C
> code. The hard points are:
> 1. when the Prolog program tries to access an element unassigned as yet,
> the system crashes (stability issues);
> 2. a publishable interface would have to include a large amount of PARI
> procedures (generality and reusability issues).
> However, I consider the possibility that my experiences can be interesting
> for others too. Please help me to find people (if any) who are interested
> in this topic. Best regards:
> 					Marton Kosa, Budapest
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