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# Ateliers Précédents:
# Previous Ateliers:
[2015 (Bordeaux)](Atelier%202015), 
[2016 (Grenoble)](Atelier%202016),
[2017 (Lyon)](Atelier%202017)
[2017b (Clermont-Ferrand)](Atelier%202017b)
[2017c (Oujda)](Atelier%202017c)

# [Bienvenue à l'Atelier PARI/GP 2017c (Oujda)](
# [Welcome to Atelier PARI/GP 2018 (Besançon)](

## Tutoriels
Available rooms for work in smaller groups:

320 B

## Projets (ajoutez votre nom au projet qui vous intéresse)
324 B1

Capitulation : Idriss, A. Zekhnini, M. Rezzougui, Mbarrek Haynou, Said Essahel, M. Taous, M. Tamimi
324 B2 

Idéaux réduits : Abelaziz Chetouani, Jamal Banamara, Laaji Hassam, 

Cryptographie à clé publique: Nabil Kannouf, Khalid El Makkaoui,  m.m.CHEMS-EDDIN, Taoufik Serraj

Codes correcteurs : Bedda Latifa

Formes modulaires : Mohammed Amin Amri

Conjecture des quintuples : Abdelaziz El Habibi, Zakariae Bouazzaoui, Zouhair Boughadi
## Tutorials

Amalgamation :
## [New features]()

## Tasks
- [doctesting]()</br>
(Marine, Coline, Paul, Gautier)
Finished misc section, and linear algebra section.

- [ECPP]()

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC): Khalid El Makkaoui,  m.m.CHEMS-EDDIN.
- Use L-function functionality from PARI in Sage; requires a review of current Sage functionality (Jeroen)</br>
  Tried to replace Lcalc but eventually realized it was not a good idea.
- Hyperelliptic curves over finite fields and the rationals (Nicolas)</br>
  Working on 2-descent. Maybe getting something by the end of the week.
- Point counting on elliptic curves and improvements on elliptic curves over finite fields (Jean-Pierre, Cyril, Vincent)</br>
  Made a patch, already included.
- p-adic number field embeddings and regulator (Razvan, Xavier C.)</br>
  First version of the p-adic regulator. Working for Galois fields, extending to general case.
- Coefficients of Hecke eigenforms of half-integral weight and Eisenstein series; doctesting of mf* (Ilker)</br>
  Worked with Henri, made some good progress using the Rankin-Cohen bracket (mfbracket), found some new examples.
- Little delta function by Zagier (Zeynep)
- Dedekind eta function (Banu)
- Modular forms and symbols (François, Bernadette)
- Improve PARI-GNUMP (Andreas, Fredrik) and maybe use it in SageMath? (Jeroen)<br/>
  New name: PariTwine<br/>
  Autotools support works, detecting the available libraries to wrap<br/>
  GP script for inclusion of appropriate functions created<br/>
  Texinfo documentation started (so far, only installation instructions)<br/>
  Some discussions with Jeroen about code organisation to be compatible with Sage<br/>
  Next steps: finish documentation, wrap more functions, check the tests<br/>
  Expected outcome: release 0.1
- Modular forms help centre (Henri)</br>
  Wrote a bracket function specific to theta to be faster (still slower than magma for silly reasons)
- Sato-Tate conjecture (Zakariae)</br>
  Worked on p-adic regulators and bounds for the p-adic regulator.
- Theta functions (Enea)
- ECPP (Luca)
- p-adic L-functions (Xavier R.)
- Algebra package (Aurel)
- Infinite order Hecke characters (Aurel, Pascal)
  Theory and design choice Ok. First GP implem in progress.
- Theta series of quadratic forms (Elif)</br>
  Succeeded to compute in pari/gp with theta functions of binary quadratic forms. Extending to more variables.
- SIDH (Cyril)</br>
  Working on presentation and implementation of SIDH