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Previous Ateliers:

2015 (Bordeaux), 2016 (Grenoble), 2017 (Lyon) 2017b (Clermont-Ferrand) 2017c (Oujda)

Welcome to Atelier PARI/GP 2018 (Besançon)

Available rooms for work in smaller groups:

320 B (except Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday 15:00-18:00)

324 B1 (except Tuesday 14:00-16:00)

324 B2 (except Tuesday 14:00-15:30, Thursday 15:00-16:30)


New features


  • doctesting
  • ECPP

  • Use L-function functionality from PARI in Sage; requires a review of current Sage functionality (Jeroen)
  • Hyperelliptic curves over finite fields and the rationals (Nicolas)
  • Point counting on elliptic curves and improvements on elliptic curves over finite fields (Jean-Pierre, Cyril, Vincent)
  • p-adic number field embeddings and regulator (Razvan, Xavier C.)
  • Coefficients of Hecke eigenforms of half-integral weight and Eisenstein series; doctesting of mf* (Ilker)
  • Little delta function by Zagier (Zeynep)
  • Dedekind eta function (Banu)
  • Modular forms and symbols (François, Bernadette)
  • Improve PARI-GNUMP (Andreas, Fredrik) and maybe use it in SageMath? (Jeroen)
  • Modular forms help centre (Henri)
  • Sato-Tate conjecture (Zakariae)
  • Theta functions (Enea)
  • ECPP (Luca)
  • p-adic L-functions (Xavier R.)
  • Algebra package (Aurel)
  • Infinite order Hecke characters (Aurel, Pascal)
  • Improve PARI-GNUMP (Andreas, Fredrik) and maybe use it in SageMath? (Jeroen)
  • Theta series of quadratic forms (Elif)