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# Ateliers Précédents:
# Previous Ateliers:
[2015 (Bordeaux)](Atelier%202015), 
[2016 (Grenoble)](Atelier%202016),
[2017 (Lyon)](Atelier%202017)
[2017b (Clermont-Ferrand)](Atelier%202017b)
[2017c (Oujda)](Atelier%202017c)
[2018 (Besançon)](Atelier%202018)

# [Bienvenue à l'Atelier PARI/GP 2017c (Oujda)](
# [Welcome to Atelier PARI/GP 2018b (Roma)](
[Choice](Atelier%202018b choice)

## Tutoriels
# Proposed topics

Fouad	Mohamed Anwar Mohamed: elliptic curves (elementary number theory)

## Projets
Gyawali	Manoj: elliptic curves over finite fields

Capitulation : Idriss, A. Zekhnini, M. Rezzougui, Mbarrek Haynou, Said Essahel
Mustafa	Andam: L-functions

Laura	Geatti: tutorials

Benbelkacem	Nasreddine: factorisation over rings

Moufek	Hamza: code-based cryptography

Rihane	Salah Eddine: diophantine approximation, L-functions

Akrour	Youssouf: diophantin equations 

El habibi	Abdelaziz: linking number in number fields 

Boughadi	Zouhair: Multi-quadratic 3-rational fields

Jamous	Abdelillah: coding theory

Ahmed Djamal Eddine	Bouzidi: coding theory

Gajovic	Stevan: Diophantine equations (modular approach, algebraic approach, the method of Chabauty and Coleman)

Darbar	Pranendu: class groups and class numbers

Muthukrishnan	Subramani: algebraic number theory

Battistoni	Francesco: arithmetical checks on loops of polynomials

Zakariae	Bouazzaoui: Multi-quadratic 3-rational fields

Parsi	Marco: elliptic curves cryptography

Lido	Guido Maria: Diophantine equations (modular approach, Chabauty method)

Kırımlı	Eda: inverse Galois theory

Sumaia 	Saad Eddin: Dirichlet characters and L-functions

Colagé	Pier Paolo: elliptic curves and cryptography