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SSH access assumes you have a working ssh setup that lets you access the PARI server.

In this document we only explain the difference between anonymous access and ssh access.

SSH Setup:

You need to use the authorized key ssh authentification mechanism to avoid cvs to ask you for a password every time.

If rsh is not a symlink to ssh on your system you need to define the environment variable CVS_RSH to ssh.

Connection to CVS via ssh:

There is no cvs login step with ssh access. Type the following command from the shell
  cvs -z3 -d checkout pari
Then, you may proceed as usual.


when logged on, use
  cvs -d /home/cvs checkout pari
to avoid network overhead.


If for a reason or another you need to change the CVSROOT of one of your repository, you can do as follow, assuming you don't have subdirectories with different CVSROOT
  1. Edit CVS/Root to the correct value.
  2. Run
    find . -type d -a  -name CVS -exec cp CVS/Root '{}/Root' ';'

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