Alf van der Poorten on Sun, 26 Jul 1998 09:21:39 +1000

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Given a polynomial $f(x,y)$ I [think I] need a GP instruction allowing me
to find a [or, rather, the] Laurent series in $z=x$, or $z=x^{-1}$, or
$z=x^{1/n}$ or $z=\ldots$ (my choice; the program will complain about my
idiotic choice if it is [idiotic], perhaps telling me that I needed a
fractional power).

Have I overlooked an existing PARI instruction? Has Henri overlooked a
useful instruction? Surely, algebraic series are as deserving as algebraic

I sort of know how to do it `by hand' but that requires thought. I was
hoping just to press buttons. My current particular need is to do it over
finite fields.
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