Gerhard Niklasch on Sat, 25 Jul 1998 13:19:33 +0200 (MET DST)

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To those among you who have built gp with readline-2.1 or -2.2:

I just picked up readline-2.2.1.tar.gz from
and put a mirror link onto  (use the
former or one of the canonical GNU mirror sites if you're west of
the Atlantic, and/or ask archie for a friendly FTP site in your
neck of the woods :^).

>From the CHANGES file:
c.  Fixed a problem with redisplay that showed up when the prompt string was
    longer than the screen width and the prompt contained invisible characters.

d.  Fixed a problem with the paren matching code -- the blink was far too
    short (it's specified in microseconds, not milliseconds, Chet!).

Enjoy, Gerhard