Bill Allombert on Wed, 27 Nov 2013 21:55:12 +0100

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PARI description Japanese and Danish translations

Dear PARI users,

If you speak Japanese or Danish, I would be very grateful if you could
translate the lower part of the PARI description at

which is (in HTML)
<li> <b>PARI</b> is a C library, allowing fast computations. </li>
<li> <b>gp</b> is an easy-to-use interactive shell giving access to
 the PARI functions.</li>
<li> <b>GP</b> is the name of gp's scripting language.</li>
<li> <b>gp2c</b>, the GP-to-C compiler, combines the best of both worlds
by compiling GP scripts to the C language and transparently loading the
resulting functions into gp. (gp2c-compiled scripts will typically run
3 or 4 times faster.) gp2c currently only understands a subset of the
GP language.</li>

(Currently descriptions are translated in
Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese (zh_CN))