Ewan Delanoy on Mon, 17 Sep 2012 21:27:53 +0200

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Re : Cannot install PARI-GP on Mac OS 10.8

> We suggest you use GCC 4.5 which is much more reliable.

I installed it, and I now have gcc 4.5 on my computer at /opt/local/bin/gcc-mp-4.5. But how do I tell the GP installer that it must use this gcc instead of the default? Is it an option to be passed to ./Configure ?

Lionâs current gcc is very unreliable indeed. With it GP can fail even a simple division of polynomials :

? ry1= ( h*f*d*a - h*f*c*b)/((h*e - g*f)*b*a)
  ***   at top-level: ry1=(h*f*d*a-h*f*c*b)/((h*e-g*f)*b*a)
  ***                                      ^----------------
  *** _/_: bug in gerepile, significant pointers lost, please report
  ***   Break loop: type 'break' to go back to GP