Frank Thorne on Fri, 10 Feb 2012 20:35:18 +0100

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Re: Installation issue with GMP 5.0.2

Hi Bill, after checking this, and manually copying the headers file, I got everything working.

Thank you for your help!! -Frank

I would probably need to see the log of the whole compilation.
(do "make clean; make cubic").
but this strongly suggests that you have old headers file in
/usr/local/include/pari which are not compatible with with this PARI version
and they are used in preference of the new one, so you get the old symbols
TIMERstart, TIMER, gprealloc, gpmalloc which do not exist in the new library.

You should see lines
gcc -DPRINT -O3 -Wall -DGCC_INLINE -I/opt/local/pari -o util.o -c util.c