Harry J. Smith on Sun, 31 Aug 2008 00:35:49 +0200

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RE: Using the GMP kernel in Windows

I found that Version 2.3.4 that you pointed me to will work for Vista also
but the newline character \n like write("test.txt", "test\n"); only writes a
linefeed character, while when run on XP it writes two characters, an
carriage return and a linefeed character. Not a big deal, but thought I
should report it.

I also found out that this version can handle integers with almost twice the
number of digits than the amount stated in the user's guide (both on XP and
Vista). The user's guide states:

integers must be in absolute value less than 2^268435454 (i.e. roughly
80807123 digits).

Actually the limit is 2^536870815 or about 161614220 decimal digits.

I found this by using the program:

  print1("Test max integer: ");
  p = 536870816; \\ too big
  p = 536870815; \\ ok
  print1("2^", p, "-1 has ");
  x = 2^p-1;
  d = 1 + log(x)\log(10);
  print(d, " decimal digits");
\\ output:
\\ Test max integer: 2^536870815-1 has 161614220 decimal digits


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Thanks, I was using version 2.3.2 I got last year that was not compiled with
the GMP kernel. Version 2.3.4 that you pointed me to can compute
x=(10^9999999-1)^2; in about 1/28 of the time that version 2.3.2 takes.


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On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 11:07:11AM -0700, Harry J. Smith wrote:
> I would like to have an executable version of PARI GP gp.exe that has been
> configured with the GMP kernel (GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Package)
> and runs in Windows XP or Vista. Is there a place where it can be
> downloaded? Or could someone send me a copy?

As far as I remember, the binaries there 
are compiled with the GMP kernel, and they certainly work
on XP.