David A. Desrosiers on Fri, 04 Apr 2008 20:36:18 +0200

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Re: Problem with 2.3.3 testing ellglobalred and galois

The 'fixes' are actually optional data packages that are required to run the tests. The test are in part a validation on the content of the data packages.

The packages have been unpacked into the tree, as indicated, creating:


Assuming the test failed because the optional packages where not
properly installed:
1) You need to run 'make install' before 'make check'.

Can't do that, because the install target actually tries to install the software into the global $PREFIX specified (/usr/local/ if none was specified). Can't install software that doesn't pass checks, of course.

If the 'install' target is supposed to "install" the data into the local tree first using some mechanism, before the 'test-all' target is run, then the 'install' target is broken in the current incarnation, because it doesn't do that.

2) GP looks for directories 'galdata' and 'elldata' in the directory
reported by 'default(datadir)'.

There are 3 references to 'default(datadir)' in the pari-2.3.3 source, and none of them are programatic; 2 are in CHANGES and 1 is in doc/usersch2.tex. I'm not sure how it's "looking" in there at all, if nothing in the initial Configure or the Makefiles tells it to do so.

3) The only functions affected are polgalois (need galdata.tgz) and ellsearch and ellidentify (need elldata.tgz).

Right, so the "solution" for now is to run 'dobench' instead of 'test-all', because that seems to work on all platforms we're building this on. elldata and galois fail exactly the same on all platforms.

Olinux-*/ellglobalred-sta.dif and Olinux-*/galois-sta.dif

Seems the order of events it amiss here... it looks in /usr/local/share/pari/elldata/ell0 for the data files, but since the check fails, those files won't exist there using the (IMHO, broken) 'install' target.

I'll see if I can patch this somehow and try again.