Bill Allombert on Fri, 04 Apr 2008 18:57:17 +0200

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Re: Problem with 2.3.3 testing ellglobalred and galois

On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 12:11:48PM -0400, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
> I've read the background on the list about these two tests and have 
> attempted to apply the 'fixes' in the elldata.tgz and galdata.tgz 
> tarballs without much success.

The 'fixes' are actually optional data packages that are required 
to run the tests. The test are in part a validation on the content of
the data packages.

> Does anyone know if these are domain-specific issues and can safely be 
> "ignored", or if I should investigate further and come up with proper 
> fixes?

Assuming the test failed because the optional packages where not
properly installed:
1) You need to run 'make install' before 'make check'.
2) GP looks for directories 'galdata' and 'elldata' in the directory
reported by 'default(datadir)'.
3) The only functions affected are polgalois (need galdata.tgz) and
ellsearch and ellidentify (need elldata.tgz).

> The results on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux platforms is as follows:
> * Testing ellglobalred  for gp-sta..BUG [4]     for gp-dyn..BUG [0]
> * Testing galois        for gp-sta..BUG [708]   for gp-dyn..BUG [732]

You can see why the test failed in the file
Olinux-*/ellglobalred-sta.dif and Olinux-*/galois-sta.dif