N. J. A. Sloane on Tue, 06 Nov 2007 07:31:26 +0100

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dumb question about installing pari-gp with fink

Fink commander seems to know about pari-gp, look:

(this is when I click the  FinkCommander icon)

flagged	status	name	installed	version	binary	category	summary	local	
NO	 	pari-gp	 	2.1.7-1002	2.1.7-1002	sci	Computer-aided number theory (calculator and C-library)	 

But when I type  (in an Xterm window)
 fink install pari-gp
, I get:
Information about 2309 packages read in 0 seconds.
No packages to install.

This is on a MAC OSX 10.4.10 iMac

I'm new to using Fink, obviously!

How does one install pari-gp on a Mac?


Neil Sloane