Karim Belabas on Fri, 04 Feb 2005 19:53:44 +0100

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Re: Pari/GP 2-2-9.exe bug report

* John Nicol [2005-02-04 07:49]:
> >> I noticed the following behavior(s) which seem buggy to me.  This is Pari-GP 2-2-9.exe.  I am running Windows XP Professional with 1GB of memory.
> >> 
> >> #1:  Factoring above and beyond 2^122 seems to encounter problems.
> >> (10:18) gp > factor(2^122 -1)
> >>   *** factor: tempfile /tmp/FREL.400.3056 already exists.
> >Factoring large integers use the MPQS code that rely on temporary files
> >to store data. does the file '/tmp/FREL.400.3056' exists on your system?
> No, I could find no such file on my system.  In addition, there is no "/tmp" directory (this being Windows), but perhaps Pari's cygwin1.dll is storing this somewhere else.

The error message is triggered by pari_safeopen() failing to create such 
a file. The reason might be 
1) such a file already exists [ which is assumed in the error message ]
2) we can't write there 

2) is normally excluded because we test whether we have write access to
the temp directory before choosing it, but the test might be faulty on
some Windows flavours (it apparently is on yours).

* Can you use the Finder to look for a file whose name contains 'FREL'
[ I don't expect the search to be successful ]

* Can you try and create a directory C:\tmp ?

[ You may also try setting the environment variable %GPTMPDIR to some
existing directory C:\TEMP or somesuch. ]

Hope this helps,

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