John Nicol on Fri, 04 Feb 2005 07:49:15 +0100

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Re: Pari/GP 2-2-9.exe bug report

>> I noticed the following behavior(s) which seem buggy to me.  This is Pari-GP 2-2-9.exe.  I am running Windows XP Professional with 1GB of memory.
>> #1:  Factoring above and beyond 2^122 seems to encounter problems.
>> (10:18) gp > factor(2^122 -1)
>>   *** factor: tempfile /tmp/FREL.400.3056 already exists.

>Factoring large integers use the MPQS code that rely on temporary files
>to store data. does the file '/tmp/FREL.400.3056' exists on your system?

No, I could find no such file on my system.  In addition, there is no "/tmp" directory (this being Windows), but perhaps Pari's cygwin1.dll is storing this somewhere else.


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