P. S. Chakravarthi on Sun, 28 Nov 2004 05:44:05 +0100

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on generation of primitive polynomials

hi all.

I'm a newbie to Pari/gp. Is there a way to generate
all primitive polynomials over fields of the type GF(2^x)
For example (01) + (10) x + (11) x^2  being primitive
over GF(4)  in GF(4^2)  (i.e GF(16))
Please observe that this is  _DIFFERENT_ from using
GF(16)  as GF(2^4)  and asking for primitiveness of
something like  1  +  1.x  +  0.x^2  +  0.x^3  +   1. x^4
I do not seem to find a way. Actually I was suggested
in sci.math.research group to use fxt software ..
the author of which, in turn referred me to pari/gp
Any help would be appreciated.

I have pari/gp installed on my linux comp.


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