Karim Belabas on Thu, 25 Nov 2004 10:07:00 +0100

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PARI Installation for Windows XP w/ Emacs

----- Forwarded message from Paul <paul.le.meur@telefonica.net> -----

I've been installing Emacs and related material during the past few weeks. 
In particular I've been trying to install GP/PARI and make it work with
Emacs for several days now.  I've had many problems and now I feel it would
be better to ask someone for help.

I have a rather well-cared-of Win XP SP2 on an Athlon 2200+. Emacs version
21.3.  I could make GP/readline work from the various self-installing
binaries for windows I could find (some I had some time ago and the last
version on the dl page).  However I could not make work these with emacs
and I guess it is not possible, but I could not find the information
despite thorough searches.

I also tried many things with the uncompiled versions.  I tried at first
with mingw32/MSYS, the last self-installable versions. And kept getting
args out of range or the "impossible de lancer GP" when trying to launch GP
under Emacs (the same errors I had with the selfinstalling exe), also the
indentation and other functions for GP scripts did not work. The thing I
could have was syntax highlighting.  So I looked at the messages I had when
configureing and makeing and understood I should try with cygwin.  I
installed Cygwin after a clean uninstall of mingw.  I tried various
installations, adding successively to the default cygwin parts or whole of
the package sets: gcc, make, gmp, readline, X11, fltk.

I tried many different possibilities which are not ruled out in the
manuals.  In the end I could go through ./Configure with only the X11
missing, through make all with no problem, through make bench with some
problems written to some file and through make install with no problem.

So I have almost everything in d:\mathematics\PARI (the folder I want to
keep things in) and some files and folders in \Cygwin\usr\local gp-dyn and
gp-sta are working.  I have exactly the lines that are in the
pariemacs.text in my .emacs. My EMACSLOADPATH contains the folder where the
pari.el,... files are.  I have adapted pari-conf.el to my configuration.

But I have exactly the same problems as with the windows self-installing
versions.  "args out of range" (with varying numbers) or "impossible de
lancer GP".  I looked at the pari..el,... files to understand things better
but could not figure out much (I don't know much of elisp) Now I guess
there have been different problems with the same result and I guess I'm not
very far from having everything working but I really don't see what I'm

I would be very grateful if someone could give me an hint.

PS: The updates to the manuals (in the last versions) have been very
helpful and the windows selfinstalling versions are great (apart from the
emacs problem)

PPS: Here is some information about me (I've seen it interested the
authors): I'm a french student at the university of Barcelona (where we
have recently had Jean-Pierre Serre give 3 conferences, because he was made
Doctor Honoris Causa). I'm having to use PARI essentially for a number
theory and cryptography and codes course. But I guess I'll be using it for
other things since I'd like to work in number theory.  I'm using the qfb
functions and maybe we'll be using PARI libraries or GP (or less possibly
GNU MP) for RSA and ElGamal implementations.  "

PPPS: The Emacs version I have currently installed is the last, 2.2.8 and
so I have pari.el 2.55 (but I tried with the alpha 2.2.7 and the stable
2.1.5).  Also, I can of course run gp in emacs.  I have the GP menus and
the gphelp is working in Emacs but it is the only thing that works, with
the highlighting, I think.

Paul Le Meur
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