Jon Perry on Tue, 14 Jan 2003 17:28:55 -0000

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RE: buffersize

'a.) why are you using 2.0.17? Version 2.1.3 isn't (beta),
less bugs, and includes some useful features [like trap(),
a feature I managed to miss all the way since 2.0.18].
hosts it as precompiled binary (megrez too ofc).'

Because I downloaded it. CYGWIN brings back bad memories for me, and this
time was no different.

I downloaded both files (CYGWIN.DLL.GZ and PARI2_1_3.EXE.GZ), and couldn't
extract them.

'b.) you'll want to use an _gprc file. You really do.
A sample is in'

Why's that then? I've been coping perfectly well up to now.

Thanks for the line break tips - I got it to work.

Jon Perry
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