Karim BELABAS on Sun, 23 Jun 2002 17:02:11 +0200 (MEST)

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Re: pari-2.1.4 released

On Sun, 23 Jun 2002, Bill Allombert wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 23, 2002 at 12:23:09AM -0700, Friedrisch Muller wrote:
>> Sorry if I have missed something, but accordning to
>> the announce of pari-2.1.4 one suppose to find the
>> thing at
>> ftp://megrez.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pub/pari/pari.tgz ...
>> But "pari.tgz" is exactly same as pari-2.1.3 from
>> January 12... So where can I find pari-2.1.4 ?
>>         Best regards / FM
> There is a last minute delay.
> Thanks for you patience!
> When online, it will be at
> <ftp://megrez.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pub/pari/unix/pari-2.1.4.tgz>
> and <ftp://megrez.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pub/pari/pari.tgz>
> will be linked to the above.


   Bill spotted a bug right after my announcement ( actually a bug fix which
turned out to be incorrect ): 'gp' was unaffected, it was a minor problem for
'libpari', but it turned out to be a critical bug for 'gp2c' [ prevented it
from translating print() statements ]. We immediately removed the archive
from the server and patched it.

After a couple (more stringent) tests, the patched version is now back on the
FTP server. So


is available again, and corresponds to pari-2.1.4.

Sorry about the confusion,

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