Olivier Ramare on Mon, 5 Feb 2001 15:44:00 +0100 (MET)

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Re : Indentation under emacs

Dear users,
  that's true, I still haven't worked
out any indentation for pari, though it
should not be difficult (I guess C-mode
indentation would work just fine).
In fact I'm working on indentation for
MuPAD, and *that*'s difficult, but hopefully
over. What do I need ? Examples of the style
of indentation you want. Examples should
be sent to me only (not the full list).
  In MuPAD, TAB is indentation and M-i is
completion. Changing this binding should
reinstall the usual default TAB facility.
I'll think about how quickly patch it
but I need a model, and best would be an
already existing one, improvements will
come later.

  Yes, I always mess up the number of lines,
because of the configured variables.
  --- a hack : change the bindings of C-i=TAB
      and M-i and (setq 'indent-line-function 'c-indent-line)
      in gp-script-mode. Maybe add a (require 'c-mode).
      More info later ---