Nils-Peter Skoruppa on Mon, 05 Feb 2001 13:58:22 +0100

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Indentation under emacs

In the hope that people do not consider me as grouchy,
I have another (possibly stupid) question to the pari users:

I would very much like to use gp-script-mode under emacs.
What prevents me so far from using it is that there seems to
be no automatic indentation (as one appreciates to have available
under Perl, C, Java ...).

A closer study of the 3797 lines of pari.el (which, by the way, is not
since there are actually 3802) in the hope of finding a quick solution
appears to me as a bigger project --- so I gave up this idea.

Hence my question:

Since even the TAB is taken away (for reasonable use as I admit
how does one indent without counting spaces every line ... and possibly
automatically ?

---Nils Skoruppa

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