Karim BELABAS on Tue, 31 Oct 2000 17:49:07 +0100 (MET)

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Re: Linear equations under gp

[Leonhard Moehring:]
> I'd like to know, if a pari user has tried to 
> solve fairly large linear equations under pari/gp.
> While i know that there are other packages that
> specialize in linear equations, ofc it would be
> a lot more convenient to solve matrices under gp, 
> where the matrix coefficients are calculated.
> I've tried to work as space efficient as possible
> (e.g. doing matrix operations in place),
> but the best i could get to work was a 1500x1500
> real matrix, with a 28 digit accuracy on a 150 MB stack
> (linux), using the pari routine matsolve.
> Now 150M divided by 1.5K squared and take away some
> for the overhead is around 60 bytes per coefficient.
> That number seemed slightly higher than what I had
> expected, so I wondered if anybody out there has some
> experiences if I could solve somehow larger matrices 
> under these circumstances in Pari.

First, what version of PARI are you using ?