Leonhard Moehring on Tue, 24 Oct 2000 21:50:41 +0200

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Linear equations under gp


I'd like to know, if a pari user has tried to 
solve fairly large linear equations under pari/gp.

While i know that there are other packages that
specialize in linear equations, ofc it would be
a lot more convenient to solve matrices under gp, 
where the matrix coefficients are calculated.
I've tried to work as space efficient as possible
(e.g. doing matrix operations in place),
but the best i could get to work was a 1500x1500
real matrix, with a 28 digit accuracy on a 150 MB stack
(linux), using the pari routine matsolve.

Now 150M divided by 1.5K squared and take away some
for the overhead is around 60 bytes per coefficient.
That number seemed slightly higher than what I had
expected, so I wondered if anybody out there has some
experiences if I could solve somehow larger matrices 
under these circumstances in Pari.

Thanks in advance,

Leonhard Moehring