Karim BELABAS on Tue, 11 Jul 2000 16:02:43 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: pari 2.0.17 for Windows

[I wrote:]
> If you have Cygwin installed (developper tools needed), you can compile GP 
> yourself for Windows exactly as on a Unix system. Binary is 50% slower
> than on the same machine running Linux, though :-(

More precisely [from the (new) MACHINE file, on the same computer]:

PentiumII    350MHz  Linux-2.0.35    gcc X11 dl2    4312    4488  2.0.20    
PentiumII    350MHz  Cygwin-B20.1    gcc   -   -    6585       -  2.0.20
PentiumII    350MHz  Win98 + RSX     gcc   -   -    9436       -  2.0.20

[ growing inefficieny due to less efficient disk/memory access and additional
runtime layers ]

I tried to compile PARI natively for Windows 98 using Borland free
command-line compiler (v5.5), but this doesn't include an assembler, and the
resulting binary was 1) broken [SEGV on a few commands], 2) much slower than
the RSX version. So I gave up.

The RSX version crashed Windows (frozen screen + automatic reboot) three
times in 20 minutes as I was experimenting with various settings (through
Windows dialog boxes). Simply check that RSX.EXE is somewhere in your path
(or fetch it from the GPRT.ZIP archive on the megrez server below) and run
GP.EXE directly.

> I'll try to compile a recent version running EMX + readline and upload it.

I uploaded a snapshot of current CVS (2.0.20-July-11-2000) on the megrez
server [for DOS, OS/2, Win*]:


(the manuals in pari/manuals are up to date)

> P.S: Does anybody use Cygwin without the full developper kit ? I could
> upload a Cygwin binary as well.

I uploaded a snapshot for Cygwin at


Have fun,

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