Karim BELABAS on Mon, 10 Jul 2000 15:27:23 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: pari 2.0.17 for Windows

[Jack Fearnley:]
> I just downloaded the precompiled version of GP 2.0.17 for Windows and 
> discovered that it has Readline disabled.  I have never compiled GP for 
> Windows but my GP 2.0.12 runs with Readline.  Have you changed the contents 
> of your precompiled versions or am I missing some libraries?
> I have upgraded my computer since I downloaded 2.0.12 so I might Have lost 
> something in the move.  Any ideas?

GP 2.0.17 was compiled natively for Windows (thanks to Bill Daly) using
MSVC compiler. To my knowledge, the readline library doesn't exist for
Windows in this setting. It should be possible to create a readline.dll
usable by MSVC, using cygwin.dll, but it would take some work [and access
to MSVC, which I don't have].

GP 2.0.12 had been cross-compiled from a Linux box, using a compatibility
package (EMX/RSX) and ran using ported Unix libraries, in particular

If you have Cygwin installed (developper tools needed), you can compile GP 
yourself for Windows exactly as on a Unix system. Binary is 50% slower
than on the same machine running Linux, though :-(

I'll try to compile a recent version running EMX + readline and upload it.


P.S: Does anybody use Cygwin without the full developper kit ? I could
upload a Cygwin binary as well.
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