Igor Schein on Fri, 5 Nov 1999 14:39:02 -0500

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Re: Configure -s

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 12:08:40PM +0100, Bill Allombert wrote:
> I think Configure should not try to configure DLL when -s is used, but
> here is a patch that add gp-sta rule in Makefile so that
> make gp-sta 
> which builds static-only binaries, independantly of Configure.
> If you need static library you can add it too.
> The only problem is that it does not fix the symlink to gp.

But that's exactly what needs to be done.  Basically, here's how
I see it.  Configure -s needs to make static the default, but
the rest should be intact, i.e. 'make all' should always build both
targets regardless of default, and 'make gp' should always build
the default target.  I believe this is how it's meant to be, however
the way -s flag is implemented, gp-dyn is never built.