Bill Allombert on Thu, 4 Nov 1999 12:08:40 +0100 (MET)

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Re: Configure -s

I think Configure should not try to configure DLL when -s is used, but
here is a patch that add gp-sta rule in Makefile so that

make gp-sta 

which builds static-only binaries, independantly of Configure.

If you need static library you can add it too.

The only problem is that it does not fix the symlink to gp.

(You must rerun ./Configure after having installed the patch)

(CVS version NOT updated)


Index: config/TOP_Make.SH
RCS file: /home/megrez/cvsroot/pari/config/TOP_Make.SH,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -r1.2 TOP_Make.SH
--- config/TOP_Make.SH  1999/10/20 11:10:08     1.2
+++ config/TOP_Make.SH  1999/11/04 09:28:41
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
 dft target::
        @echo "Possible targets are:"
        @echo " gp                       Compilation"
+       @echo " gp-sta                   Compilation of static gp"
        @echo " bench, test-compat       Compilation and test"
        @echo " dobench                  Test only"
        @echo " doc                      Documentation"
@@ -48,7 +49,7 @@
        @echo " ctags                   Generate VI/VIM tags file in ./src"
        @echo " etags                   Generate Emacs  tags file in ./src"

-gp all bench test-compat test-graphic install clean cleantest install-bin insta
ll-doc install-lib-sta install-bin-sta dobench::
+gp gp-sta all bench test-compat test-graphic install clean cleantest install-bi
n install-doc install-lib-sta install-bin-sta dobench::
        cd $objdir; \$(MAKE) \$@