Michael Stoll on Mon, 20 Apr 1998 22:29:48 +0200

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Bus error or SEGV on quitting gp

Today it happened to me (on two different architectures!) that after
doing a lot of computation gp gave me a bus error (on Nextstep at home)
or a SEGV, followed by a bus error (on a Sun at the MPI in Bonn) when
I tried to leave it (^D or \q). I didn't use a version containing debugging
info, so the only thing I could manage to get was

Program generated(1): Memory access exception on address 0x19e (protection  
0x112842 in free_args ()

0x12563d in gp_quit ()
0x11dbb5 in freeall ()
0x1128d2 in freeep ()
0x112842 in free_args ()

In the gp window, it looked like the following

gp (22:20)> \q
  ***   bus error: bug in GP (please report).

Has anybody else experienced this?