Michael Stoll on Mon, 20 Apr 1998 20:51:50 +0200

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Re: quote

Hi all --

by now I've had a look at the source and it seems to me that there
is no straightforward way to obtain the variable number of an identifier
once it has got some value.
(a) Is this true?
(b) Do you agree that this is a design flaw?
(c) Why not put the variable number into the entree structure?
(d) Introducing quote won't be necessary if we make the following
    change to the semantics of gp. Whenever a variable number is required,
    simply use the identifier's variable number as given in its entree
    (assuming (c)) (unless it's the name of a function, of course).
    This seems to me the better solution; it is also (at least to my
    taste) nearer to mathematical intuition.

Comments are welcome.