Karim Belabas on Sat, 22 Mar 2014 18:04:52 +0100

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third release candidate for 2.7.0

* Karim Belabas [2014-03-17 22:14]:
> Thanks to all who submitted bug reports or test results! I prepared a
> second release candidate

Thanks again to all testers ! Since there were still a few glitches,
I prepared another (hopefully final) release candidate:


1) I also updated the online documentation extracted from gp's user manual:
The layout was changed to improve readability, esp. examples and tables of
contents. (I'll remove the framesets in the near future.) Feel free to mention
transcription bugs in there as well !

2) The coverage report after running our public regression suite (make test-all)
is also up to date:

3) After 'Configure --tune', the gp binary produces slightly different
results from the expected ones. This is a known bug, not release-critical,
and hard to fix. We will address it during the 2.8.* cycle :-)

Changes with respect to rc2:

- removed a non-ASCII char in README

- parallel and GP-ѕpecific functions had been swapped in the GP reference
  manual (resulting in a puzzling user's manual and bugs in the online

- fixed Bug #1551: significant pointers lost in lindep

- fixed Bug #1552: empty range was not allowed in comprehensions
  [[x,y] | x<-[1..3]; y<-[1..x-1]; z<-[1]]
  resulted in
    *** [_|_<-_,_;_]: domain error in concat: vector = []
  instead of the expected
    %2 = [[2, 1], [3, 1], [3, 2]]

Have fun,

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Universite Bordeaux 1          Fax: (+33) (0)5 40 00 69 50
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