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Re: small patch for src/languages/es.c

* Bill Allombert [2013-12-15 00:38]:
> We also need 'struct winsize' but it should be in the same header file.
> Apparently TIOCGWINSZ was defined in sys/termios.h in some SunOS system which
> did not carry termios.h.

Here's the precise reference:


  Terminal Size
     The number of lines and columns on the terminal's display is
     specified in the winsize structure defined by  sys/termios.h
     and includes the following members:

     unsigned                    short ws_row;  /* rows, in characters */
     unsigned short              ws_col;    /* columns, in characters */

I also found this bug report (for Taskwarrior):


from 2011 so it's not that obscure:

  I had to modify interactive.cpp to #include sys/termios.h to get access to
  TIOCGWINSZ. sys/ioctl.h and sys/termios.h are in the SUNWhea package [...]
  I'm assuming that TIOCGWINSZ is defined in sys/ioctl.h on other platforms.

  $ uname -a
  SunOS <hostname_snipped> 5.10 Generic_127127-11 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-1500

I found the sys/termios.h header file here:


which indeed defines both TIOCGWINSZ and struct winsize *unless* one of


is defined. It does not declare the function 'ioctl()' itself, though.

I also found older reports on Cygwin


which implies that [some time ago] Cygwin defined 'TIOCGWINSZ' in <termios.h>
and declared 'ioctl()' in <sys/ioctl.h>.

I checked in recent versions: now (since 2006) <sys/ioctl.h> includes
<sys/termios.h> which contains the needed stuff. (And prior versions will
indeed fail.)

OK, I'll go for

#ifdef __sun
#  include <sys/termios.h>
#include <sys/ioctl.h>

Thanks for the discussion !


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