Phil Carmody on Sun, 13 Mar 2011 20:11:35 +0100

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Re: Polroots/mod suggestion

--- On Sun, 3/13/11, Bill Allombert <> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 12:53:15PM
> +0000, James Wanless wrote:
> > (Right, hopefully I really do mean to post to _this_ list this time :)
> > I wonder if the devs would be interested in the following suggestion
> > for finding roots of a general nth order polynomial, or same mod p:
> > The idea is basically recursive completion of the square ie, solve
> > for roots using the standard quadratic solution formula, but
> > iterated.
> > Each level of iteration would allow equations of up to 2^nth order
> > to be solved, as n++
> How this is supposed to work ?

I've never seen anything sensible from him on sci.math, and plenty of complete nonsense. Until he became a permanent entry in my killfile. After that he popped his head up on one of the prime number related lists I help moderate, and his gibbering of nonsense caused a swift always-moderated flag to appear next to his name there too.

Let's pull some typical Wanless gibbering out of the google:

In short - he's best ignored.