Bill Allombert on Mon, 24 May 2010 02:16:55 +0200

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git mirror repository for PARI

Hello PARI-lovers,

Since I have a new server, I am experimenting with new services.  This
time I have added a GIT ( mirror of the SVN
repository.  It is updated automatically when a fix is commited to the
SVN repository using git-svn.

Anonymous access:
git clone

Access through SSH for PARI developers:
git clone ssh://

The advantage of using this mirror instead of git-svn directly is
you do not have to use git-svn commands and that this gives a globally
unique sha1 indentifier to PARI versions, for example SVN revision 12318
is GIT revision 687543f65d88a0173aeae755ebfe85e2a64a6dec