Jason Moxham on Thu, 23 Jul 2009 01:35:25 +0200

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Re: Re: patch for pari for building with msvc

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Subject: Re: Re: patch for pari for building with msvc

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 02:29:37AM +0100, Jason Moxham wrote:
Attatched svn diff for building with msvc

Thanks a lot.

To build.

Open a command prompt and change to the ....pari...\src\systems\msvc\ directory Make sure MSVC command line compiler is in your path , although some limited
setup/testing is automatically done by the makefile( ie a default
installation of MSVC 9.0 should be autodetected)

I am not used to Windows conventions, but maybe it would be nicer to be able
to do src\systems\msvc\make from the pari directory ?

Nor am I , cmd.com batch language is horrible (deceptive as well , reading existing batch files is easy , but just try doing anything non trivial), I tried doing a make bench equivalent , but after 4 hours of hell I gave up , the parser/lexer changes for each different command ie a echo in a for loop is parsed differently from an echo not in a for loop . I refuse to do anything more in dos batch files :)

Maybe a short-cut to src\systems\msvc\make could be added to the pari

I dont know how to do a relative path shortcut , I think its a paid for extra in Windows !!!

In any case, I made a tarball with your patch applied:

Could you check it works ?

Readme.msvc is missing from the patch
paricfgmsvc.h.SH  looks like it has been "doubled up"
make.bat has had the Dos lf/cr stripped ( this can cause problems in that the batch interpreter only updates enviromental varibles in each "newline"

passes make,make check  with and without gmp