Jason Moxham on Thu, 09 Jul 2009 03:31:46 +0200

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Re: Re: patch for pari for building with msvc

Attatched svn diff for building with msvc


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Subject: Fwd: Re: patch for pari for building with msvc

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Subject: Re: patch for pari for building with msvc
Date: Wednesday 08 Jul 2009
From: Bill Allombert <Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr>
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On Tue, Jul 07, 2009 at 11:28:15PM +0100, Jason Moxham wrote:
Yeah , I just put it all in one directory for simplicity.
So do you mean this:

As svn is as of now
src/systems/msvc/make.bat  as I sent (with path corrections for this new
config/paricfgmsvc.h.SH  new file (but pretty much the same as the old
dos one to generate paricfg.h )
changes to ? to run the above shell script on make distrib
changes to ? to create Omsvc on make distrib

Alternatively, README.msvc could instruct users to run
src/systems/msvc/make.bat, which will creat Omsvc, depending what is
more convenient.

If you add files, you will need to add them to the file
so they get included in the tarball.

changes to ? to run genkernel to get parilvl0.h  in C and gmp varients
and put them in Omsvc   on make distrib

There is not GMP variant of parilvl0.h. GMP is used for the level-1 kernel. parilvl0.h exists in ix86 asm, x86_64 asm and C versions (and for some other
processors that do not run windows).
The level-1 kernel exists in 'none' and GMP version.
level0 and level1 kernel can be mixed freely.
So PARI support kernels none-none, none-gmp, ix86-none, ix86-gmp, etc.
but you probably only need to provide ix86-none and ix86-gmp.
(none-none and none-gmp are mostly for systems for which we do not have
a asm level-0 kernel).



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