Téragone on Tue, 13 Nov 2007 02:42:36 +0100

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plotQt.c with Qt 4.3.2 + GUI for pari/gp

Hello pari-dev,

I have converted plotQt.c to Qt 4.3.2. All the files that I have modified can be found in the following zip file :


I had take the original from cvs today.

I'm also working on a GUI for pari/gp. I started with mathGuide from which I removed the Python plugin. I call gp in application mode, not in library mode.
I use most of the code of gp.c and I redirect the output to a global string. Maybe not the best way, but it's easy to code and it work.

For now, my new code is source compatible only. All the modifications have been include in #ifdef/#endif so the "original" gp compile and work with no modification.
Still many hours before it will work correctly. I use Qt so it must be possible to port it on many OS. I only tested it on Linux. Here a screenshot :


Please, let me know if you have interest for that.