Louis Granboulan on Sat, 16 Dec 2006 14:11:05 +0100

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Re: Lowering compiler optimisation with Apple gcc

In fact, every G5 is running in 64 bit mode.
In that respect, MacOS X is similar to Solaris.
64-bit binaries and 32-bit binaries work on the same OS.
This is unlike many Linux distributions, where you should ask explicitly for 64-bit support.

If you want to build a 64-bit version of pari, you have to call gcc with -m64, and that's it. There might be difficulties with some libraries. With the current MacOSX, neither X11 or readline can be used with ppc64.

I just made a compilation for the current CVS version.
I didn't try to make subtle optimisations for performance.
This is under MacOS X Server, running Darwin 8.7.0 (not the last version) with gcc 4.0.1 (i.e. the one that comes with XCode 2.3)
I changed config/get_X11 to avoid linking with X11.

env CFLAGS=-m64 ./Configure --with-readline=/sw --kernel=ppc64
make bench

+++ Total bench for gp-sta is 382

This is for a 2GHz G5, for which the bench was 461 for the 32-bit version and pari 2.3.0