HILANO Teluhiko on Sun, 27 May 2001 12:09:50 +0900

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Configure patch fore cygwin

Dear pari developers

I'm using pari 2.2.1 under cygwin 1.*. This version of cygwin includes
 readline and ncursus pakages. But, I cannot make gp-sta because some
functions are missing. So, I install the original gnu readline 4.1 to
/usr/local/include and link it.
Here is a patch for Configure:

<             /lib\
>             /lib\
<        $cygtop/include/readline\
<        $cygtop/include\
>        $cygtop/usr/local/include/readline\
>        $cygtop/usr/local/include\
>        $cygtop/usr/include/readline\
>        $cygtop/usr/include\

      HILANO Teluhiko(teluhiko@hilano.org)