List of abstract groups of order 100

Group GAP4(100,1) [C25 : C4]
Group GAP4(100,2) [C100]
Group GAP4(100,3) [C25 : C4]
Group GAP4(100,4) [D100]
Group GAP4(100,5) [C50 x C2]
Group GAP4(100,6) [C5 x (C5 : C4)]
Group GAP4(100,7) [(C5 x C5) : C4]
Group GAP4(100,8) [C20 x C5]
Group GAP4(100,9) [C5 x (C5 : C4)]
Group GAP4(100,10) [(C5 x C5) : C4]
Group GAP4(100,11) [(C5 x C5) : C4]
Group GAP4(100,12) [(C5 x C5) : C4]
Group GAP4(100,13) [D10 x D10]
Group GAP4(100,14) [C10 x D10]
Group GAP4(100,15) [C2 x ((C5 x C5) : C2)]
Group GAP4(100,16) [C10 x C10]

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