D. J. Bernstein on 4 Nov 1997 03:17:22 -0000

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pari mailing list reorganization

I have renamed

   pari-users@koobera.math.uic.edu -> pari-users@list.cr.yp.to


   pari-implementors@koobera.math.uic.edu -> pari-dev@list.cr.yp.to

I have also set up a new mailing list, pari-announce@list.cr.yp.to, for
announcements of new versions of the software. I copied the initial
subscription list from from pari-users to pari-announce, so you do not
need to subscribe to pari-announce.

To change your address on the pari-users list, send an empty message to
pari-users-unsubscribe@list.cr.yp.to from the old address, and then an
empty message to pari-users-subscribe@list.cr.yp.to from the new
address; similarly for pari-announce and pari-dev. Note that the new
mailing list management software requires confirmation of all
subscription requests.

(Yes, there does appear to be a new version of pari in the near future.
Please wait for the announcement before asking questions about it.)