Hongyi Zhao on Fri, 18 Nov 2022 02:21:59 +0100

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Obtaining the coefficient matrix of multivariable homogeneous linear equation system.

Hi here,

I've a multivariable homogeneous linear equation system as shown below:

$ gp
? trmat=[x1,x2;x3,x4];A=[a,b;c,d];
? A * trmat - trmat *A
%50 =
[                 x3*b - x2*c x2*a + ((-x1 + x4)*b - x2*d)]

[-x3*a + ((x1 - x4)*c + x3*d)                 -x3*b + x2*c]

Where, trmat=[x1,x2;x3,x4] corresponds to the variables. My aim is to
obtain the corresponding coefficient matrix as follows:

[[0, -c, b, 0], [-b, a - d, 0, b], [c, 0, -a + d, -c], [0, c, -b, 0]]

Is there any way to achieve this goal?

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