Gottfried Helms on Mon, 07 Nov 2022 14:53:09 +0100

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About my PariTTY-utility

Dear community -

 as some people might remember, I had a nice
 GUI for the use of Pari/GP in Windows-OS,
 that I'd used since about 2008 with GP-versions <=2.4
 and had uploaded to a free software pool near my
 homepage (and had announced it to/by the Pari/GP-group in
 Bordeaux for/at their download-sites).

 Because with GP version >2.4 the interaction of
 GP with a calling main-program in Windows-OS changed
 (the option >gp --emacs on command-level had no more
 effect for the protocol between Pari/GP and the
 calling GUI) I did not push the "PariTTY" development
 further, but instead did avoid upgrading of Pari/GP in
 my environment.


 Recently I've found a trick, where I can restore some
 communication between the GUI-program and the called
 subprocess GP.exe, although it is a - someone might say -
 dirty trick. However, now I'm happy to have GP-versions
 14 to 16 available to my PariTTY-GUI again, and of course
 I know my little software good enough to know what functions
 work well, and what not, and how I could use the clipboard
 interface and etc pp. However, because of it seeming to
 be at a dead end, I didn't develop the program further
 for new functions or maintained its website.

 Last time I began to thik that if there would be more
 interest from other people here around and we could set
 up some exchange about the pro's, con's and functions of
 this PariTTY - tool I were ready for review and improve
 its functionality again.
 (I'm using the "Delphi 6"-code base which means, that
 the PariTTY-tool shall be fixed to the 32-bit environment,
 but which does not prohibit the use of a Pari/GP 64-bit

 The interested ones might have a look at the very old
 description (2006) of PariTTY at my homepage

 Regards -