Patrick De Geest on Sun, 30 Oct 2022 00:40:48 +0200

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gp2c for Windows environment

Last week I tried to compile my gp script into C with 'gp2c' to get some speed

improvement but without any succes. I used as my guide the instructions in

but it seems this is not written for a WINDOWS environment. Am I right?

Must I first install a C or C++ compiler like for instance Eclipse ?

Can you recommend me an easy to understand source with instructions for

Windows users to follow.  Sort of gp2c for beginners...

Exist there somewhere a server where you can upload one's gp script

and that does the compilation in your place.

A box with your uploaded gp script file. A box with your OS (eg. Windows 10).

and finally a box with the compiled version of the script that you can then download.

Thanks in advance,

Patrick De Geest