Karim Belabas on Sat, 03 Sep 2022 11:14:33 +0200

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Re: all divisors of a cyclotomic integer

* Karim Belabas [2022-09-02 16:12]:
> - use multiplications by prime ideals which are much cheaper than general
>   multiplications; note that idealfactorback doesn't use this trick
>   because it must cater to arbitrary "factorizations" involving arbitrary
>   ideals not only primes [it could check its input first then take
>   advantage of the trick if possible; but it currently doesn't]

I just fixed that one. A random benchmark:

  r=idealprimedec(k,5)[1]; P=[p,q,r];
  for(i=1,10^3, forvec(E=vector(3, i, [0,3]), idealfactorback(k,P,E)))

Before commit b8050f0d7:
  time = 6,381 ms.
  time = 1,728 ms.


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