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Re: Reading and Compiling a File


 and welcome to PARI/GP !

* Sung Hyun Lim [2016-07-17 09:27]:
> I'm completely new to PARI/GP, so please bear with me for this possibly
> stupid question:
> I'd like to have gp execute a .gp file on my computer and I don't know how
> to do this.
> (There are such files like bench.gp in the "examples" folder that comes
> along with PARI/GP installation)
> It seems like the commands "\r" or "read" both are meant to do this, but if
> i type
> read bench.gp

read is a function, taking a character string as input:

If you need to specify a path, use the forward slash '/' to separate
path components (not '\', which is used to "escape" special characters,
e.g. \n for a carriage return) :


On Windows, if you double-clicked on the gp icon, I think that the path
is relative to the position of the gp.exe binary. For testing purposes,
try to dump a file in that same directory, then read it. (If you're not
on Windows, then the path is relative to the directory you started gp
from on the command line.)

> ? \r bench.gp
>   ***   error opening input file: `bench.gp'.
>   ***   Break loop: type 'break' to go back to GP prompt

This should work, provided the path is correct.

> break> break
> ? \r examples\bench.gp

Same, with forward slash:

  \r examples/bench.gp


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