Bill Allombert on Mon, 08 Sep 2014 23:10:20 +0200

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New elldata package update (added some missing curves)

Dear PARI users,

John Cremona has told me his Elliptic Curve Data 
was missing curves whose conductors were in the ranges 246400-246499 and
252800-252899 and provided the missing data. Hence this update.

To verify you have installed the fixed version, do
if it returns
then you have the correct version.

This package contains elliptic curves defined over the rationals representing
all isogeny classes for all conductor at most 350000. Theses data are needed by
ellsearch, ellidentify and ellgenerators and require PARI/GP 2.2.11 and up.

The package can be downloaded from

If diskspace is an issue, you can compress all the elldata/ell*
files using gzip, GP is able to read gziped files.