Bill Allombert on Wed, 19 Feb 2014 00:01:55 +0100

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PARI package GALPOL 2.0 released

Dear PARI users,

Igor Schein and myself have just released GALPOL v2.0, a database of
polynomials defining Galois extensions of the rationals representing all
abstract groups of order up to 127, for all possible signatures,
(2429 polynomials) see <>.

For reference galpol 1.0 included 1506 polynomials for all groups of order up
to 95.

This database is available as a PARI package "galpol" from

Once installed, it can be accessed under GP using galoisgetpol.

? P=galoisgetpol(8,3,1);
? G=galoisinit(P[1],P[2]);
? galoisidentify(G)
%6 = [8,3]
? polsturm(P[1])
%7 = 8

Note that a lot of polynomials are different between galpol v1.0 and galpol v2.0.
Furthermore the format has changed to fix a bug if the variable x was defined:
With galpol 1.0 one get:
? x=0;P=galoisgetpol(8,3,1)
%2 = [2,3]