mailjaro on Thu, 13 Oct 2011 22:20:22 +0200

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bnfinit: the PARI stack overflows

I have installed the GP/Pari calculator (version 2.3.5) - using fink - on my Mac (Mac Mini, 4GB RAM, 2,5 GHz Intel Core i5, OSX 10.7.2), and it works fine; except that the bnfinit(P) always returns with a stack overflow error.  I have tried running GP with all kinds of stack sizes, have tried all kinds of polynomials P, my system seems healthy (with a lot of free memory etc) and commands like nfinit(P) work fine.  Does anybody know what´s wrong/what to do?

I do not use emacs (for sure) and not readline (as far as I understand).